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Design a Workshop

Summercamp Style Drawing Painting and Sculpture Workshops :
Kung-fu Sculpture, Doodling, Painting , Multimedia Artmaking.
Clay, paint, cardboard, paper . Exercises that stimulate problem solving and get you open to your personal art flavors. Learning by making.
Private classes and Daylongs Workshops for individuals and groups.
Collaborative exercises with focus on making personally significant work.

Workshops are designed to take you through an Artmaking experience that transforms your personal intuitive relationship with your brain and artmaking skills.
The Summercamp angle is the getting loose and making with fearlessness, no-preciousness and a serious playful experience.
To activate your muse and get in touch with personal creativity  

Why? To have fun and learn artmaking. 
To enhance skills in your artistic life.
To push you through an artistic block.
To awaken innate art and story skills that are valuable to all parts of your life.
Artmaking teaches creative problem solving and heightens personal intuition.
Collaborative artmaking engages the whole person.

Workshops and Classes can be taylored to your needs.
Contact Michael to dream an experience:

Michael P. Murnane

Sample Workshop:

Summercamp of the Superadvanced
Art Play Daylong Experiential
Aliens that Make Wizards in Nature - Character Making Workshop
10-6pm July 23rd and 24th
Superadvanced Sculpture Studio plus Golden Gate Park
Crushing Character Creation Calibration Excercises all day
Clays, papers, pens, nature, snacks
8 spaces per day - ages 14-83
$145 per day
$220 two day

Deals for groups

Short and long form ART workshops

1-2day Daylongs- $145day
A full daylong built to mine your innate storytelling, enhance your character design styles and give you art experience of your own  -  Excercises in drawing, making, photo, brainstorming
2+ days and private instruction - ongoing collaborative art making with facilitation

The breakdown...
Who? Any level of artist...beginner to advanced
Groups of four to start....dates to be announced according to group.
Solo and Youth sessions as well - what are your needs?
What? Character Design Sculpture Storytelling  1-5 dayers
Topics: CharacterDesign/Sculpture/Storytelling/Anatomy/ArtTheory
Where? At The Superadvanced Studios in San Francisco....and beyond
When? As students come...we build...Saturday-Sunday Daylongs to start
How? You express interest and we go from there.....
Why? To give all artists an experience in your art/life and add to your
relationship to your art and the joy of it.
These arts teaches intuitive creativity
My goal is to make, collaborate and have too much fun.

Lunch and Times TBD

Please tell your friends...
Thanks mucho

Paper board sculpture

C.I.T. the Cardboard Institute of Technology
Exploratorium Subterrain Show
Open Make event: February 19th 10am-2pm ...Bring the kids!!!
After Dark March 3rd...bring some attitude...
Costume building-Cardboard Workshops w/ C.I.T. @Exploratorium, click here!
Featured makers will be interviewed in the McBean Theater from 1pm-2pm.


Classes are small so you learn alot.
Compared to college tuition this is a deal for real.
Drop in Wednesday 6-9pm @ Cinematico in the motion capture room.
Story and Design is discussed...maybe bring an idea...
Good day to you...

Stop-mo character with Scott "Huck" Wertz

Garret Sheldrew Gorillaphant

Iain Mcaig Wolfman for ILM Frankenstein

Characters + Creature Sculpture Workshops this Saturday and 3hour Thursdays too right on!!!

Due to the joy of sculpture....we thank Andrew and Grace at Anatomytools for their generosity to sculptors....Muchas gracias per sure.....See them at Wondercon for that is good times and you know it's true.
See below for things that are good too....thanks

WORKSHOPS and Sculpture Time! Sat-March 27th + Sat-April 3rd

Hello and yes I hope this finds you well
Here is some information for sculptor types.

Post and Pass to interested parties.
If you can make it give a heyo....

Daylong Character Sculpture Workshop
Instructor :  Mike Murnane
updates here @

Saturday March 27th plus Saturday April 3rd
Cinematico 1504 Bryant St San Francisco
10-am - 5pm
$125 each Sat -  10 max size - first come first serve

Topics covered:
Sculpting and art theory
Anatomy for human and creature
Armatures / gesture

Bring a character idea/drawing/paper or armature started
Bring a bag lunch and snacks for discussion times and/or break time
Bring clay and wire tools if you wish but they are provided if you no have
Bring your own preferred clay if you wish, but not required
Bring reference for your piece or go freestyle - internet access at location

Clay - terra cotta + white regular sculpey(oven hardens) + WED clay (air dry)
Wires - aluminum and steel
Tools - sculpture and armature making tools ...i.e. needle nose pliers and wire snips
       Provided - or bring your own

People should leave with an evolved working knowledge of building armatures for character sculpture
and the use of clays and tools
Also the goal is that you leave with a character started and lots of inspiring personal power and a grander idea of sculpture / design / storytelling for your artistic life.

Class is formed around participants needs.

Continued consultation is offered for finishing your piece...

Write Mike for registration and questions @

See Mikes work here...

Lets get SuperAdvanced!

Welcome to the Class!

We will post sculpts done in class and even sculpts done outside of class for your enjoyment pleasure and education. Come on by the class to sculpt! >>info on sidebar.
Here is a snippet of the class.