Design a Workshop

Summercamp Style Drawing Painting and Sculpture Workshops :
Kung-fu Sculpture, Doodling, Painting , Multimedia Artmaking.
Clay, paint, cardboard, paper . Exercises that stimulate problem solving and get you open to your personal art flavors. Learning by making.
Private classes and Daylongs Workshops for individuals and groups.
Collaborative exercises with focus on making personally significant work.

Workshops are designed to take you through an Artmaking experience that transforms your personal intuitive relationship with your brain and artmaking skills.
The Summercamp angle is the getting loose and making with fearlessness, no-preciousness and a serious playful experience.
To activate your muse and get in touch with personal creativity  

Why? To have fun and learn artmaking. 
To enhance skills in your artistic life.
To push you through an artistic block.
To awaken innate art and story skills that are valuable to all parts of your life.
Artmaking teaches creative problem solving and heightens personal intuition.
Collaborative artmaking engages the whole person.

Workshops and Classes can be taylored to your needs.
Contact Michael to dream an experience:

Michael P. Murnane